Trump’s declaration and the Status of Jerusalem

Trump’s declaration and the status of Jerusalem are two separate topics:

a. the declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city

b. the move of the American embassy to Jerusalem

a. Among the people of Israel there is a vast consensus regarding Trump’s declaration. It is strongly felt that Trump did the right and just thing. Even the left-wing political parties don’t object, but support Trump’s declaration.

This declaration shows us the fulfillment of the prophecies in the Bible about the time in which we live and about the role of Jerusalem. It all began back during the Six-Day-War, when Jerusalem was reunited, as spoken of in Psalms 122:3, “a city that is compact together”. Yesterday, a law was passed in the Knesset, which henceforth doesn’t allow any division of Jerusalem.

In God’s Word Jerusalem is often called the city of David, the place where the Messiah would appear, die, rise again and return at the end of times. The meaning of “Jerusalem” is city of peace. The peace is part of the fruit of the Spirit and the fruit is part of the tree which roots in the Prince of Peace, Yeshua. Therefore, the peace we are called to pray for in Psalms 122:6 will come when Jews and Arabs together will believe in the Prince of Peace, Yeshua.

Trump’s declaration also gives us a taste of what is to come, as prophesied, when all nations will come against Jerusalem (Zechariah 12:2). We see this anticipated in the UN vote of December 21.

b. Regarding the move of the American embassy the opinions are divided, mostly between left and right wing parties. The left-winged parties fear it will cause lasting damage to Israel in the eyes of the world and may cause another Intifada. The physical move will be a stamp sealing Trump’s declaration. Many people think that this was merely a declaration, but we know that President Trump not only declared, but already gave orders to prepare the move. The declaration was made with courage, and in contrast to many other American presidents who kept postponing it, fearing the Arab world. We know that Trump’s personality is heavily discussed. Some don’t like his personality and what he represents and we are not called to enter into this discussion. However, all throughout Scripture we see that God used worldly rulers, some of them evil and godless men, who nonetheless carried out God’s will (Koresh, for instance, who allowed Nehemia to visit and later to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem).

The very fact that opposition from the part of the Arab world was considerably much less than expected, with protests mainly, and  the fact that after the UN vote other states who refrained from that vote decided to also move their embassies to Jerusalem (Guatemala, Czech Republic and others) show that this was the true will of God and display His sovereignty.